Mr. Composition's Sonic Odyssey: Live on KSYM's Urban Suite with D Major & Sherrill Metal


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In a dope live sesh on KSYM's Urban Suite, our guy Mr. Composition went deep with hosts D Major and Sherrill Metal. The legendary San Antonio hip-hop station set the stage for some real talk about Mr. C's beats, his hustle, and the stories behind his rhymes.

Diving into the chat, we got the lowdown on Mr. Composition's latest projects and what's cookin' in his creative kitchen. No boring stuff here – just exclusive insights into his grind, passion, and the influences shaping his sound. The vibe was on point as D Major and Sherrill Metal brought the humor, making it more like a chill hangout than your typical interview.

From reminiscing about his roots to spilling the tea on industry struggles, Mr. Composition kept it real. And oh, the future looks lit with sneak peeks into collabs, projects, and the evolution of his flow. Fans, old and new, got a taste of what's coming next in his musical journey.

The live session wasn't just about the past or future; it was a glimpse into the NOW of Mr. Composition. The energy was infectious, with the trio vibing together – like a reunion of old friends. It's not just an interview; it's a testament to the San Antonio hip-hop scene and the beats that keep it real.

Mr. Composition's interview is a must-watch. It's like tuning in from the cool side of life, with the beats resonating across hip-hop history. As Mr. Composition dropped the mic at the end of the session, KSYM's Urban Suite left us buzzing with the rhythms of San Antonio's hip-hop legacy.

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