Los Angeles County Condemns Unvaccinated to 2nd Class Citizens

LA continues elitist authoritarianism under guise of pandemic regulations. Proof of vaccine is now needed at store entrances.

Yet another document necessary for every task throughout the day. People will fall through the cracks, hours of time will be wasted, and yet Californians are too afraid to fight back.

This is the most foolishly handled mandate of all time. Instead of starting with an investment in education, officials carelessly continue to recklessly micro-manage livelihoods. This isn't the first vaccine mandate.

Photo by LA county resident Julian Uribe

There is no real justification for the apathetic shot calling going on in the silver spoon suites of California's official rooms. 

Instead of empowering services that can educate, reach, and investigate actual lifestyle conditions of their citizens, they've turned a blind eye to the pain, discrimination and destructive effects of their decision.

Hopefully their citizens will begin to organize under leaders who will fight against the establishment.

Whether Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian, no matter the party new leadership is necessary. Might've been better off with someone like Jeff Hewitt for mayor.

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