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Change X is an organization that partners movements with movers. The movements can be anything positive, from tree planting to social groups, and the movers are the people who start the groups and the investors who contribute the funds.

FOOD FOREST is an idea thought up by the always mindful CEO of Gardopia Gardens Stephen Lucke. In fact, he named the entire project "Project Forward Food Forest".

The small orchard will put the #VOTEEARTH initiative much closer to its goal of 1000 trees by the end of 2019. Of course, we would need trillions of trees to affect climate change, but healthier habits can be a kind of humble beginning.

In 2020 we hope to broadcast the #VOTEEARTH Movement to each and everyone willing to get a little more aggressive about HELPING to plant trees.

There is no easy fix to climate change. How do we stop driving? It starts locally. In your mind. Then in your habits. Then in the dirt on your street.

I'd love to hear other ways people get involved.

Send me an email at and definitely stop by and see what I'm to at the moment.

I'll leave with this video, a #VOTEEARTH discussion at Gardopia Gardens.

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