SACurrent and Euclid Media Group Fail to Call Out Bexar County For Mis Managing $100,000 in funds For "Pot" Prosecutions #DoBetter

San Antonio news company, owned by Euclid Media Group, "SACurrent"'s reporter Nowlin completely glossed over the strange money games being played in its county.

Link to Article:

There is news and then there is "new"s. When information comes to light about actions presently being taken that are criminal or "criminally" negligent it is IMPORTANT.

Bexar County and Joe Gonzales are spending $100,000 of county money to upgrade a lab that will likely be obsolete again with a couple years. Pot prosecutions are on a path of diminishing value, hemp leads to medicinal, leads to decriminalization, leads to legalization. Because that is the path of public education.

When you run a major news outlet you have to realize you are the only leverage truth has in civilization and that is "exposure". If your reporting is undirected it will be veiled and unexposed.

Bexar and Joe clearly just like spending money, and that's okay if you manage 10,000 square feet and you want some $30 pens, but on this scale, it's just short-sighted and wasteful.


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