Òlàjú Art Group featured in the San Antonio Express News

The work of Òlàjú Art Group is very much like the work of Progrés Studios. That's the feeling you get when you see any two companies trailblazing a way to the future.

In fact, they have both prominently featured Nigerian artists. Progrés Studios having featured Moyo Okediji this last November, and Òlàjú Art Group's recent work including their 2016 work with Tunde Odunlade.

We're happy to announce that the latest event from Òlàjú Art Group was featured by the San Antonio Express. The San Antonio Express is a Hearst Media product with great distribution. This will undoubtedly fuel the growth of the art collective under the dutiful execution of creator Obafemi Ogunleye.

Watch this video featuring more about Progrés Studios.


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