Why You Should Be Using Your Microwave For Every Meal

There is nothing that can't be cooked in a microwave. This morning I woke up and in a flurry of inspiration I made breakfast in my microwave.

Microwaves were invented in 1947, and yet somehow stoves have maintained dominance in homes. Which is unprecedented in the home appliance/electronics industry. We don't still use VCRs, some rarely even use DVDs, we don't use ice chests, or corded phones... When something new is invented there is supposed to be an upgrade. We are chained to our ovens by sentimentality and nostalgia.

I suppose the wide range of techniques available to one using a stove increase it's value. Microwaves have been held at arms length because the ease at which it is used allows for cooking that lacks finesse, and is often one dimensional. If there were ample research done into the area of microwave cooking we'd soon find that it has it's own repertoire of techniques.

This morning I poached an egg in the microwave, I cooked diced potatoes in olive oil in the microwave, I made a couple sausages and even heated a sauce. The total cooking time including cooking time was under 15 minutes. If I had used a stove I would have invested an hour and a few handfuls of frustration.

The future is now ladies and gentlemen. If we want to make room for advanced tech, we have to put away the old stuff. I honestly have as much need for a stove as I do a typewriter. That's not sad, it's life. Now some people might like to have stoves, just like I, being a writer, would like to have a typewriter, but it should not be the majority. The benefit of technology is being able to minimize efforts in areas that are not your specialty and focus more time on doing things you like. Less stove time means more typewriter time, maybe I'll even buy a Gutenberg-esque printing press, it's all about specific priorities.