National Parks Closed Down Because of the Shutdown, Fire Don Neubacher!

Yosemite Nation Parks superintendent, Don Neubacher should be fired, and that's just the beginning.

A Picture of Yosemite, That's Don Neubacher in the Top Right
I had said that the shutdown didn't matter. I suppose I was wrong, but I'm only finding that out one step at a time. All across America National Parks are being shut down. From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, from Redwood to Carlsbad Caverns, some of America's greatest natural areas are unavailable to it's citizens. We are the government, and we are keeping ourselves out of our parks.

I'm sure there aren't many people more annoyed than those who have planned vacations, and spent money to get to these parks only to find that they are shut down. It's ridiculous that we are going about the business of making our life more difficult for absolutely no relevant reason.

The shutdown of the government is shameful enough, what's worse is that those reliant on the government don't have separate lines of credit or ways to exist without the governments funding. Should an argument in congress cause hundreds of thousands of indirectly related jobs to be compromised. Why do we allow politicians to use our lives as bargaining chips, and how is it that we let them think it's acceptable.

My brain is hurting trying to wrap itself around this nonsense. I'm not a legal expert, and I don't have political solutions, but I do have a few ideas. Someone, many people in fact, need to be fired. People who cannot solve problems should not be paid to. This goes beyond just the house members.

I am a Democrat, and I would like to fire many of my of leaders. This isn't good news for Republicans, just bad news for the Democrats in office. I want to replace my Democratic leaders with new and better Democratic leaders.

Who else should be fired? The leaders of all of these parks, siting on their hands, while they allow resources which are an intrinsic element of our humanity to be shut down. Fire them all, put the country in new hands. Not just the leaders of parks, but the leader of any government organization that stopped paying it's workers without searching for solutions. Yes it is fair! I expect people in those positions to be willing to put their jobs on the line and push the boundaries of their legal restrictions in looking for ways to do what is right. So fire them!