Electronica Group Plaid is Returning For Special Performance of the Tekkonkinkreet Soundtrack

I first heard of Plaid when I saw 2006's Tekkonkinkreet. The film is one of the greatest animation movies of all time. It is visually gorgeous, and the soundtrack was holistically shiny and metallic, airy and effervescent, urban and white washed; the production of a fantastic electronic group, Plaid.

Plaid is going to be performing their soundtrack to the movie on October 9th in London at Barbican. It might seem like I'm teasing you if you're reading this and are not from London, or able to get there, I kind of am. But you may, as I am hoping I will, get to watch some of it on youtube in the following weeks.

Plaid will be performing with the Elysian String Quartet.


Below is one of the tracks from the Tekkonkinkreet soundtrack.