5 Reason's The Shutdown Doesn't Matter/It's Actually a Good Thing

The United States Government is facing a shutdown. It's not a surprise. The two halves of our duopsinous* system of country management have been bickering for years now. They don't like each other, and they'd both rather see nothing happen than concede to the other side.

When I say "they" I also mean "I". Government is a reflection of it's people. As individuals we've accepted a strategy of thinking that doesn't allow us to compromise with those with opposing views. Democrats think they alone express the thoughts and heart of both the universe and God and republicans believe the same thing. Somewhere along the way many of us forgot that we are human, and it is only through cooperation that we thrive.

That said, Let this be said, I don't take this seriously, and here are the Top 5 reasons why.

5. I still have to make money: You still have to go out and make money today, that has not changed. If you don't make money and can't pay your bills, the actions of the government will matter to you even less. It's time we stopped mistaking the state of the government for our own personal states.

4. They will resolve it: Guess what? This is not a crisis. It's a strong disagreement that will be resolved. If it's not resolved someone will get fired and the person who replaces them will resolve it. The purpose of government is not to decide wether or not to do it's job. The Government cannot as a matter of fact actually "Shutdown". They are just falling behind schedule, because they're bad at their jobs.

3. "No Protein is Wasted When a Death Occurs:"What does that mean? Well this quote, spoken by Kevin O'leary on NBC's Shark Tank, is meant to emphasize that even errors, mistakes and yes.. deaths, have something to offer the universe. This shutdown may actually be a good thing, in the way that forest fire's aren't all bad. There are lessons to be learned. For instance perhaps we should elect more responsible leaders. As for the leaders I'm sure they'll learn that they can't brush their differences under the rug and try to deal with them at the last minute.

2. Ted Cruz: If you were to tell me that the Shutdown is a necessary piece of the grand puzzle that allowed Ted Cruz to get up there and do his dance of buffoonery, I'd tell you it was all worth it.

1. Who Cares: The "Shutdown" is simply the latest piece of government theatre from Washington D.C. It's not an issue, it's actually a non issue. Sure there are some real issues muddled up in there, like Obamacare. But the "Shutdown" itself is pure hyperbole, it's a cry wolf, it's a Hamet-esque soliloquy, written for the masses, lacking substance, it's elitist pop culture, and Nobody should care. (Except those whose paychecks are on the line, if I were you I'd do what I could about it and quick)