Theophilus London's New Track is Hotter Than Anything He's Done Thus Far, Where is This Rihanna Track Jumping Off To

Theophilus London was one of those rappers that everyone had up there on their list as the guy who would save rap. This new track, a collaboration with the foul mouth urban princess Rihanna definitely shows what he can do when he's turned all the way up. Right now my ears are left ringing though, am I watching yet another great rapper getting ready to drown himself in the mundane trivialities of big rap culture.

 If so this would be the greatest loss to hip hop since Kanye died, yes that man is dead, after "Niggas and Paris" or maybe even before. As far as intelligent/grounded music is concerned he is dead and buried and his tomb stone reads, "No One Man Should Have All That Talent and Waste It". Who knows, maybe Theophilus is just flexing his rap senses, and maybe Kanye will be resurrected, one can only look to the future with optimism at this point.