Mbarqgo. Mens Style Has Always Been an Area Dominated By the Aesthetic of Utility, So the Brand is Constantly Due is for Expansion

Mbarqo sells both mens and womens accessories and is a new brand to hit the ground stumbling. Did that sound unflattering? It's not shameful to be a new brand, in fact it's anything but, it's exciting.

The company's messanger bags, wallets, and business card holders are a platform on which they take on the task of inventing new accessories. The most interesting of which and the one they are going to have the hardest time branding is the line of smaller carrying bags for men.

The man purse has been born and then died many times. Every time it's a sad thing to watch. Like when one of your male friends walks into the room with his new accessory, catches a few glances and realizes his mistake. At that point he has one of two routes to take in preserving his dignity, run or swag. That was then and Mbarqgo is now.

Their items are made to represent the necessity of carrying items in a recondite manner. Out of sight, out of mind, but never out of reach.

There is a new breed of man, or more simply men now have stuff to carry around. Dudes will swear they don't mind holding everything in their hands, but that's a lie. This writer was a firm believer in the axiom that all I needed was a messenger bag and my wallet, but after showing up to too many events being overly encumbered by my sack of goodies I realized the need for something ... something else.