Tealet.com The 'Netflix of Teas', and Another Market Shifts Quantumly

Tealet.com let's you purchase a subscription that keeps quality direct from the source teas coming to your door all year.

Perhaps it's a bit of a stretch to assume that the 'Netflix' model is in some way an after affect of advances in quantum physics, but we do see that markets in multiple industries are switching en masse from immediate sales, based on iron clad supply and demand chains to more flexible models based more on massive availability and perpetuity instead of quantity.

"We serve society with superior quality products."That's a comment from Ravi Lochan, independent grower from Bihar, Northern India. Tealet.com works with a handful of carefully selected growers, and allows for people to have some connection with those whose life is making the things they enjoy. He grows two teas for Tealet subscribers.

Founder Elyse Peterson talking up her partnership with Japanese tea farmers
Tealet's sales model isn't entirely new. It's reminiscent of a simpler time when farmers had a built in customer base that was a matter of proximity. They would sell what they had when they had it. Now we consumers have seized control of our lives, via technology, and can buy from anywhere, we ally ourselves with companies we choose.

Tealet is not the first vendor to offer teas from independent growers. They just make it simple, and intuitive.

Akihiro Kita is the Rockstar of Japanese teas.