Nicolás Santiñaque is a Fashion and Style Photographer From Argentina Holding On to a Rope From Heaven

There is a stage of artistic development, that mirrors adolescent prodigy, the artist cares about those looking at their art, their worlds and perspectives, and attempts to supply stimuli that will affect them, but at the same time they have only one goal, progress like a bullet, pointedly destructive, somewhat chaotic, still hanging on to some delusions of intention.

The photographs of Nicolás Santiñaque are just that kind of art. He often strays away from his vintage aesthetic and shoves reverent hipster comments at nude models. His nudes are simply nude, there is no pretense of metaphor.

His work shines best when his models do. Often you get the impression that the every image is an attempt at seduction, and then he relaxes with detached nostalgia.