Kickback: Crowd Funding For Concerts, Announce Your Venue and Get the Homies to Pitch in, Sounds Like a Pretty Chill Kickback

Kickback Tickets is the new upstart looking to change the way we all get tickets, with a futuristic mashup of ticket sales and crowd funding.

On the streets, that's right we're going there, a kickback is one of two things, an adjective to describe something that is "cool" or "chill", and/or it can also be a small party with a few friends. On the internet Kickback is a crowd funding tool that allows bands and other event planners to guarantee themselves and audience and a minimum number of sold tickets before the date of the show.

Crowd funding isn't new. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have perfected varieties of the system already, and to be honest even before they came around humans were more than capable of understanding the concept of having a group pitch in on a single project. These sites just increased these ease of launching these types of projects, by providing an online location, that can be seen by a large audience. That begs the doubters question; will crowd funding work on such a small scale?

Concerts and events are local, so is crowd funding really more effective than traditional methods of ticket sales. Is the idea that if they don't get fully funded they'll cancel the show, what if people are just waiting till 'day of' to buy tickets in person. Now that the good vibes are ruined, let's put all that behind us and hope that is a success or at the very least a step in the right direction for innovative online funding systems.