Starting Dirty Carpet Sessions,

Everyday is about finding out how to capitalize on your skills interests and the position you've been put in in life. When you're trying to create your own brand and support it independently that truth is even more powerful.

 My mind is always working and I'm always making pans for the next step. If I'm lucky chance, and opportunity, will align with one of my plans and I'll get a chance at success.

That's what happened this Tuesday. Long time friend and fellow musician Taylor Mcelroy came to town to take photographs, hangout and record a new EP for his band The Brankas.

Somewhere in a haze of conversation, reminiscence of jamming in the old days, and I'll be honest a few beers I produced a proposition. For quite a while I've been wanting to host a shows in my back room.

Here was my chance, the elements were combining. A band that I knew and liked. Friends who I knew wanted to see them play. Enough free time to persuade me it was fate, was the last essential component.

So we put it together, and called it the Dirty Carpet Sessions (because there's a dirty carpet in that room). They played tuesday night to a small crowd of friends. It was the first Dirty Carpet Sessions. There was beer in the fridge. Art on the walls,  and plethora of clangy, friction heavy social interaction. It was the manifestation of something that had been little more than a dream.

The crowd was full of musicians. Band members from the Sunshine Factory and  The Cosmopolites were there. The Cosmopolites had in hand two copies of there new full length album, of which I was able to get one. There was an old drummer friend who had been a rival hanging about lending his set and humor.

Overall it was a fun. After they played we chilled the night away. I thought a few more plans, adding to the infinitely long list.

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