Why is The New York Times Struggling So Much to Get Readers to Subscribe to Their New DIGITAL Incarnation. by Busola Laditan

The "Digital" age isn't a dream anymore. It's a clear reality with a definable future, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the big shots like the New York Times, who should be calling the shots.

The New York Times has been launching and relaunching their Digital subscriptions with regularity. It allows readers to subscribe to The New York Times via smartphones, tablets, and NYTimes.com. The problem is they're doing it wrong, they look old and outdated.

There is no company like the New York Times anywhere in the world. Their wide span of journalistic coverage is a polished gem in a world saturated with nonsense information. Why do they seem so old and outdated to all of us? The company itself believes that it is old and part of a passing era. It's reflected in poor advertising and billing strategies. The base package from New York Times Digital costs $30/12wks and continues to $70/12wks. I could laugh at how bad of an idea that is.

The internet and related technology should have been a gold rush for all information and content owners/distributors. Instead these big companies are following the trends, and barely keeping up. Industry leaders are going around to college kid start ups, asking them how to stay in business.

As we can see in their ad above NYTimes.com is doing it's best to seem young and fresh. Afraid that this new generation might just be too cool for them. Youth like what works, they have no prejudice, and will stay with the Times for as long as they do what they do best better than anyone else. The New York Times will survive the Digital Age. If they stop messing around they can actually come out of it bigger than google.

by Busola Laditan