Romanticism of Prison Culture - Guest blogger: Danielle Victoria

I recently started watching a Netflix series called Jailbird and I know what you’re thinking Danielle why are you watching this? But hear me out I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how these documentaries kinda mimic real life reality TV shows. 

You start to develop a relationship with the main characters and see their funny sides, Vulnerable sides and basically all aspects of the character but yet we don’t really realize how serious their actual crimes are. 

I get it though they do disclose the fact that these people have charges but you start to feel some type of empathy towards somebody who’s in jail for murder knowing in real life you may not you may feel the same. 

The tricky thing is television itself is it paints people in a different perception than reality. A show about inmates can easily in our minds turn into an episode of the real world or maybe teen moms. We watch them in their daily lives and their struggles and sometimes start to root for them. I start thinking are we romanticizing prison culture or crimes.  Join the discussion! 

What do you think? 
Interactive watch parties anyone?

Romanticism of Prison Culture - Guest blogger: Danielle Victoria

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