Tony Polanco is Project Forward's first Influencer, It's Been a Year


For over a year now Tony Polanco has been a Project Forward Influencer. He is the first official Project Forward Influencer, and has been mentioning Project Forward in various media productions since meeting Kinyo. From music videos, music, short films, literary publications, to products, merch, production and consultation, Tony Polanco has been a prolific influencer.

Tony Polanco is a filmmaker, musician, and is putting the work into to building a strong platform. 

Tony Polanco on Apple Music:

How has it been being a Project Forward Influencer for a year?

Tony Polanco: It is very adventurous but there are a lot of responsibilities. Keeping up with social media, and advances in technology are one of Project Forward's main objective. Therefore as a social media influencer it is my priority to always produce new fresh and original to stay authentic to the Project Forward brand. 

What would you tell any new creators?

Tony Polanco: There are no limitations, stay open minded and remember the only limitations are the ones you set for yourselves. 

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