How to Make an Abstract Painting - Kinyo

Hey guys,

lol... I started the article the way I talk. Anyway this is gonna be a short one. Why? Because I am rushing, but I wanted to get this started and out there. I can always come back and update.

I think abstract paintings are confusing to the public, or can be, because without realism as a metric for painting talent it's difficult to create a value evaluation system on the spot.

Which brings up an important point what is the value of an abstract painting. Answering that question is the only real step to making an abstract painting. If it's decoration make it decorative, if it's to express your heart, express your heart. There really are no rules it's like talking with paint.

There are no rules, but that doesn't mean that skill and talent aren't a factor. Experience is always valuable. It also leads to confidence in expression. 

When you've painted 100,000 strokes, you know more about the paint, the brush and the canvas.

The good thing about that is all you have to do is paint to get better.

Stay tuned for updates!

- Kinyo

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