Hip Hop Artist Went from CBD Events To Selling Online Supplements and Broadcasts

The story of the Texas CBD Fair, is the story of Mr. Composition. The rapper started the business after getting involved with the industry early on with a desire to sell CBD. It quickly turned into something bigger when he started the group on MeetUp.com and started talking to dozens of interested clients and vendors a week, including some television news stations.

When it came time to #stayhome  Mr. Composition who has also been releasing music (the single "FaceMask: https://open.spotify.com/track/3SCgL1PDUzWhtpJ5MP4Iel?si=GkEoLI_HTbaJpqleoa4QZg ", and promoting his local hit novel Ideas of Illusions, took the market online. 

Mr. Composition is an entrepreneur for sure. He also maintains other businesses including Black Writers of San Antonio and blog/studio DabTroll.com.

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