What Youtube Going Down Means. From Kinyo

From Kinyo - #FromKinyo

Youtube going down was proof that the establishment is not invincible. This is the time, go out and attack while the structure is weak. This is a call for a revolution (non-violent)

When social media websites are around for a while they become tough to penetrate Meaning it's very difficult to gain the easy success that was so prevalent in the beginning. This isn't a bad thing, it just means you have to work hard. If however, you're always on the look for a quick boost like me then this is your chance.

The best time to be on social media is when there is a new one or a drastic change in the existing ones. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram aren't going away any time soon, but when you see them have hiccups or release new features that's your chance to jump all over that opportunity.

Have a good day, and fuel the revolution!

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