The Secret Behind "What Does the Fox Say"

I have to be honest. I didn't want to watch this video. Largely because I harbor an unfair amount of distaste for the way pop culture is generated. "What Does the Fox Say" now has hundreds of millions of youtube hits and will likely sell many iTunes tracks, but why?

People are already saying that "What Does the Fox Say" is this year's Gangnam Style. If we take a closer look at why these tracks are popular it's not that astonishing. The songs have three major elements. They are catchy, absurdly funny, and well produced.

This song is absolutely ridiculous and it catches you off guard, and frankly it's fun to sing. The way the internet works right now a well glittered and lubricated piece of media gets shove it down a million throats.

Will the brother's make a career off with this song. Well they've apparently been making comedy songs for a while, and were popular in their native land. Yes I actually did a little research on a video about fox noises. This will likely keep them in their business for a good while.

The Norwegian brothers should enjoy the ride to through the media circus, but get off as soon as they feel like throwing up.

Now if you're out there and you want to replicate their success, it might not be a lost cause. People obviously want up beat music that doesn't take itself so seriously. It might be like trying to replicate lottery success, but if you're passionate about it, and realistic, why not?

As for me, this is as soon a part of my past as last night's pasta. I might even delete this post by tomorrow evening.