"Look Into My Eyes" The Honest, Alluring, and Intense Art/Poetry Collection From Modern Artist Kinyo

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"Look Into My Eyes" is best described as a multimedia art project. It uses several different mediums to sketch a broad and yet somehow still very subjective idea to be shared. The collection is by Kinyo.

The artists/poet has been sharing his creations for a while this latest grouping is supposed to "reflect the distortion we experience when relating directly with one another". It's not a new concept but it is one that he plays with freely, and indirectly. In the end the project comes a cross as a sort of advertising campaign for eye contact.

The paintings border on pop art. I hate to throw around term abstract art because it seems someone overused and diluted, but that's exactly what these are. Abstractions of the reality of a human face with the intent of drawing out emotions one would not readily recognize in themselves in regards to how we all look at one another.

There is a special delight in having a poem to go with art. I expect that is something Kinyo is anticipating will add another layer of depth to the experience.

See more from of the project: http://kinyopoetry.com/look-into-my-eyes/