Kevin G Saunders Photography Gallery in Downtown San Antonio's Blue Star Art Complex

Kevin Saunders Photography Gallery is located in San Antonio's Blue Star Art Complex, in downtown San Antonio. I went there to check out another nearby art gallery, and found myself checking out a few other galleries and shops in the area. 

Kevin Saunder's Gallery is located behind the Blue Star Art Museum, near the Blue Star Apartments @ 107 Blue Star. I'm not sure why everything is named after Blue Star, but that's their prerogative. 

Kevin Saunders started taking photographs under his dads instruction in 1968. When I checked out the gallery most of the photos were displaying a new project he's working on that features stunning up close shots of flowers from a florist he's partnered with. 

The photographs range in the thousands of dollars.

Saunders is also the founder of KGS bikes and online and San Antonio bike shops. The gallery also doubles as a bike shop.