Art From Jeff Hanson, Visually Impaired Artist, Fantastic Texture and Color

I stumbled upon the art of Jeff Hanson. He rose to popularity earlier this year when he accomplished a goal of raising 1 million dollars for charity by his 20th birthday. He started painting at 12 and now his disease is cured and he's a full time artists.

The paintings are unique. I'm not sure if it's because his impaired vision gives him a unique relationship with color, but I don't think that can be ruled out. I've seen the way he paints and his face seems to be much closer to the canvas than is usual.

What is most fascinating about his art is that it's not because of his disease that he is a great artist, but because he is a great artist that his disease is made to look small. It's encouraging. It goes to prove the bible adage that pops into my mind "Why should any living man complain..."

Those of us with life still in us have been given an astonishing gift mingle our perception with reality, and that should never be taken for granted. This is a reminder that art at it's best is truly a celebration of life being lived resiliently.

Jeff gained notoriety by partnering with the Make a Wish foundation. One thing that is said about the children involved with them is that, like Jeff, they are often amazing examples of positive and radiant human spirits.

Jeff's art is really fantastic. It seems he would have been an astounding artists regardless of his life's story. His paintings, abstract and some impressionist, are largely about texture and vibrant color. It'll be great to see how his art progresses.