With the Phorce Bag a Man Can Truly Be an Island Unto Himself and Still Charge All His Devices

We have smart phones, smart cars, and even smart water, now we have smart bags; one company's leap into the future traveling and user autonomy.

The new company initially funded themselves by raising just under $200,000 on Kickstarter.com.

Phorce is an upstart that is pioneering the idea of a smart bag, a messenger bag that will allow you to charge up to three USB devices at the same time. The Phorce Macbook has a built in charger for MacBooks, so you don't even need to bring your macbook wall charger along on short trips.

There is of course the issues of having so many valuable in one container, it's one of those 'all your eggs in one basket' kinds of things, but Phorce has thought of that. The bag connects to your phone via bluetooth , and if you leave it's range it will send an alert to your phone. The bluetooth also allows for monitoring the charge of the bags battery.

The bag sports a number of excellent design features, and they will begin shipping out preorders in January of 2013. After that you'll likely be able to pick up your own for $100-200.