The Secret of How Big Business Keeps Artists Alive and Paying Rent, A Casual Simplification

Photo by Fly Navy on flickr
We all love to hate large companies because they appear to be heartless stiffs fueled by coffee and the dreams of little children. It's part of our anti-authority complex. Where would we be without them, what great gifts would be bestowed upon a society free of the chains of corpratism (a word by the way that is not made up)?

What we don't understand about business is that it is the vital infrastructure for a nation that increasingly wants to define certain aspects of it's daily life with certain singular definitions. We all want what is new and the best. We all dream to have freedom, to be loved by many, to be able to connect to large groups of people. Our society is one where we have adopted the idea, whether we like it or not (or are conscious of it or not), that we believe that we are all part of one body.

Big business is like the organs and systems of our great big body (what is a body without organs and systems, well it's not a body). If you look closely you'll find that in one way or another these business make it possible for so many of us to have careers in arts that were never possible in previous generations. Let's go up the food chain.

If you start at the bottom, with a blog that is like this one. First you see that we promote indie artists and small companies. Indie artists from musicians to filmmakers and designers make their money feeding the outlets made possible by larger companies. Wether it's getting paid by sprint to make an art short advertisement, or playing small shows on boulevards, releasing art on a site that has an audience of millions of members looking to explore the varieties of music, art, or whatever.

Big business is not feeding on artists, rather it is growing like a our cardiovascular system, allowing channels of life blood to blossom wherever necessary. The flow of money serves one purpose, to flood to the ares of our interests as a community, national, and global entity.

However big business and business in general, like a body, depends on so much more than just the big flopping limbs and appendages. Even more vital than the process that keeps it alive, is life itself. The soul must appreciate the body, and the body the soul, and both must appreciate the mind and the mind both. In this case we can view corpratism as the body, our humanity as the soul, and science as the mind. We can love big business we just have to know how.