The Future of Optical Zoom x Camera Phones (Smartphones), It's One Innovation at a Time at LG

LG's latest smartphone the LG Optimus G
for all it's sleek wonder only has digital zoom
LG has announced that they're looking into making a 16 mega-pixel camera phone with a slimline optical zoom in the near future. Optical zoom, is the only zoom that matters, it's the real zoom, that actually allows the camera to see farther, or make farther things bigger. Digital zoom just blows up the pictures and makes them look pixelated and junky.

With the coming of optical zoom to camera phones we could see new binocular apps and the like, and it will definitely create new possibilities for utility apps. The problem with optical zoom up till now is that it's simply been too bulky. LG is hoping it can develop a slim version of the traditional optical zoom lenses.

Everybody is waiting for the next iPhone. That is the attention grabbing power of an industry standard. The standard, status quo, isn't always the most cutting edge though, that's why it's worth turning our heads towards LG. The long time innovators have always pushed the market in their own way. LG, tagline "Life's Good", could even be said to have been the original consumer idealists. They're always pushing the boundaries trying to satisfy fringe customers while always looking for niches in electronics markets.

As for when Apple will enter the race to shrink down optical zoom, who knows? The big time thinkers can't afford to stay out of the game for long now.