Tesla Motors, It's The Electric Car Company, They Make Time Machines

The all electric Tesla Model S has been working a long time, and now it's Motor Trend's Car of the Year for 2013. The car boasts impressive luggage space up front, made free thanks to the lack of need for engine space. The Model s also has an all touch screen interface.

The surest sign of progress is improvement. Every so often things get better so fast it's like stepping from one era to another in the matter of a few years or even months. That's the kind of glow that follows the potential of Tesla Motor's Model S. It's been hailed by everybody as the next great American innovation and Eli Musk (founder, who made his millions on paypal)  has made a heroic tale of perseverance out of the company's development.

Tesla Motors is one technology that 2013 already has in the bag. If we can move ourselves in the direction of the Model S, car companies and consumers a like, it might just be able to take us into the future, one global shift in trends at a time.

Los Angeles is already making parking spots with charging stations, a necessity since the batteries only have about 300 hundred miles on them per charge. The car is currently almost a hobby item among the current consumers. Tesla makes luxury electric cars, at the moment that's as far as they've been able to get.