'OptiSort', Recycling Machine: There is a Coming Boom in Technologies That Will Save or Repackage Resources and Begin

Recycling is going to become the most important element in the future of manufacturing.

Optisort has made it more efficient to recycle batteries by pioneering a machine that sorts them by sight. The question then asked is, "Why do we care about recycling batteries?". The reason is: we've been mining the world for years, ripping out resources, and we did a good job. Now there is a cash of materials in the form of discarded manufacture goods.

The camera allows the machine to sort over 2,000 different types of batteries at 10 batteries per second. Recycling is a race towards conservation. For companies it's a race to sustainable resources.

Just like Facebook is willing to drop 1 billion dollars to acquire a company like Instagram, so also companies like Optisort are going to find themselves in some very lucrative positions.

Very soon disposable batteries will be a thing of the past, because of that principle the nature of recycling will be an evolving market for years to come. All these iPhones, MacBooks, and tablets, are going to have to somewhere, and they won't just sink into the ground.