If the Renaissance Happened Right Now What Would It Like From Your Bedroom?

The arts are suffering right now. Everyone in the world wants to look at the big picture. We all want the next massive thing, and to be famous. Education systems have completely ceased teaching anything relevant, except for math and science, and even those subjects are out of date by the time kids get home in the evening. This is just a general look at what is wrong and keeps us all from being our awesome selves.

Why are humans so dumb today you ask? Well for starters they're not, but they seem dumb because they're letting their lives go to the highest bidder. Life is not a collective pursuit, it's a striving for individual purpose, it is (dare I say) an 'Indepednent' endeavor. Each day the human has the chance to yet again hone his skill. Now you may see some contradiction between the idea of individual pursuit and a collective "Renaissance".

It's true that we all need to be independent people, but if we want to strive for maximum efficacy there are certain societal standards that need to be met. Chiefly amongst those is the freedom to pursue dedication to craft without financial encumberment. The way it is now, we only allow our young people freedom as long they are whiling their time away on generalities at our campuses. Then we try to slot them in to stagnant positions for the rest of their lives, that allow little room for personal exploration. They don't know what's going on. They don't know why they're unhappy and bored.

So where am I going with this? How can we get back to a place where every individual is pursuing the highest art of living. Not the way that hipsters do mind you, though they are trying, God bless their trend following hearts. Well the system (system means everything) quite frankly just needs to be torn down. I know it sounds messy, and reform is probably possible, but I'm not in a position to enact any reforms from my bed and that's where I'm saying the first step begins.

How do you begin tearing down the system. I'll give you a few pointers of how to jump start the revolution from your bedroom and you can catch the vibe and continue in that vein. First delete all the music you own except any songs created by your personal friends. Do the same things with all of your literature, and any other entertainment media. All media is the same, you've simply forgotten this because mainstream media has done a good job of spending a lot of money to shine up simple but resonating themes, like sex, god, drugs, relationships, pain, blah, blah, blah. Media made by those close to you is far more beneficial, and you'll actually feel like a real person after listening to it.

There are a few other things you can do. Stop caring about fashion, you'd be surprised it will move itself along fancifully. Go find a homeless person to give money to. I'm not sure how that fit's in, but it will undoubtedly have an awesome effect. Also subscribe to a news source that isn't just a feeding tube for sensational hype / premasticated pop culture. Also if you are in school, do some research on your subject so you can ask your teacher a question that's current and not from the textbook. If you work innovate at your job in a way that's unexpected.

Websites to avoid for brain health: tumblr, reddit, twitter. They serve a singular purpose, to destroy creativity. They could be something better, but they're not. What about this site, you ask? We share some pop culture elements, and are not entirely original. Well this post is on this site, so you can guarantee our heart is ion the right side of our chest. That's it. Renaissance for beginners. Now you've all been fed, encouraged, and mentally nourished, go get them.