Advertisements Are Amazing Shorts, They Bring the Money to The Artist and Let Them Make the Magic

These days if you are a director who is in love with the art of film there isn't really a better medium than advertisements. Big brands are paying big bucks to directors to make snapshots that capture the soul of the consumers they are trying to reach. Some of these ads never even get seen, but they bolster the portfolio's of great directors all around the world.

It's not just advertisements it's music videos and short films too. While all three are great for seeing the art of film/video transform it's subject, shorts rarely bring the money to the table in the same way that the other two do. It makes you wonder why MTV couldn't find an audience for their music videos. Blockbuster movies can't compare to the gorgeous content in some new short films.

Take Emily Kai Bock for example. She's been able to make some of the most effervescent short films, music videos, and commercials out there. Her work reminds this writer of the movies of Sofia Coppola, except shorter, brighter, and younger. Her commercial for Coca Cola is without a question a huge service to a brand that has made an empire about being everything to everybody, while essentially just selling water, sugar and flavoring.