Super Awesome Shop, a New Home For Independent Artists, Manufactures and Buyers, It's REally is Pretty Awesome

Super Awesome Shop has made it their mission to share a different kind of product. In a world chock-full and dearly suffocated to death with brands that think they literally crap out gold, it's nice to be able to find something made by real people that has real thought put into it, not just a helvetica logo.

The site, run on tumblr, promotes the products and art of Independent sellers, by posting and reblogging from shops mainly on the popular handmade product site

Their Archive is thousands of posts deep and it's not at all difficult to find original pieces that speak with and individual voice. These types of blogs and more importantly these types of creators and artists are the salvation of the American market. They hold the power to revitalize the entrepreneurial field by adding a new layer of middle class empowered by the larger access of internet marketing.

The great thing about this is we're aren't buying from them anymore. We're buying from us. The posts on Super Awesome Shop enable creative thinkers to support creative thinkers.

If you have a tumblr account you can follow Super Awesome Shop by going to their site They're building a Shop of their own soon.

Finally you can find a gift to for your child not manufactured by abused Chinese children, and plastered with the faces of teen idols on their way to lifetime of corporate slavery and delusions of immortality.

You can buy something for yourself that isn't just a desperate attempt at grasping a lifestyle that from all indications will have you boning models and getting drunk everyday, and instead is a statement and affirmation of your actual personality and lifestyle. By the way, the former is not possible, but that's not news to you I'm sure.

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