A Foggy Santa Barbara in 6 Photos Taken With a Pinhole Camera. Averaging 3 - 8 Minutes Exposure. By Marcelles Murdock

All of these images, aside from the first image, were taken at the same location on the same date. They were photographed with a medium format pinhole camera on color transparency film. At the time these photographs were taken I had only owned the camera for a few months. I did some pretty extensive testing as soon as I bought the camera but I was still finding my bearings with it.

I have always loved taking pictures in the fog so I was pretty stocked to capture it with a pinhole camera. Due to the nature of pinhole cameras the exposures can be pretty long, this allows for an amazing rendition of movement. This particular quality is what I truly love about pinhole cameras.

When I was taking these images I was at the Santa Barbara harbor and it was engulfed in fog. The Fog was pretty dense, my average exposure in broad daylight is 4 seconds and these were averaging around 3-8 minutes. With this series of images I was simply trying to convey a sense of serenity. I have many sentiments tied to the sea and one of those is a great sense of tranquility. When I was out in the fog I had little haven away from everything else. I truly love being out by myself photographing so this was a great experience for me. ...

...Oh and the image with the translucent figure is of me.

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