How to be Like Kanye West, in Your Field/Industry; but Maybe a Little Nicer.

It seems like many who becomes an icon for genius success in their industry also becomes a self involved jerk. Not just Kanye West.

We could go down the lists of other big headed geniuses, but this article is about how to be like Kanye. He has a particular skill for innovation, collaboration, style, attention grabbing, and boldly being himself regardless of all else.

The most important thing about being a success has always been hard work. Learning how to give a task your all despite the other pressures in your life builds your character. Everybody has obstacles in life. Kanye had to deal with the death of his mother and his own devastating car crash. If you can muster the energy to work when everything seems to be falling apart you will strengthen your personality and your personal voice.

Which leads to step two, the last step. That's right there are only two steps to being as successful and individualistic as Kanye West. Step Two: Stop caring what other people tell you.

If you ever want to do anything big, you are going to have to learn how to shut off the voices around you. Not everyone who gives you advice is there to help you. Some people just like talking. Bill Cosby puts it like this, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody". If you put your energy into trying to be what others want, you'll never have time to really be anything.

If you stopped reading at that last paragraph you are likely to become an even more tyrannical egomaniac than Kanye himself. YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. There is going to be a little truth in every bit of criticism. Learn how use every comment, piece of advice, and even every insult as a personal metaphor for being more like who YOU want to be.

If you go around trying to be an asshole, you'll end up being an asshole, not a genius. Unfortunately if you work really hard and focus on being the best you you can be, even if you end up getting to genius level, some people will still think you're an asshole. Look at our President, Barrack Obama. His entire life has been composed of taking steps to improve himself, and now about half of the most powerful country in the world hates him. It's just the way it goes.

Now the part on being nice. Fame and notoriety isn't everything. Did you get that. Fame and notoriety isn't everything. Be good at what you do, and more importantly be good to those around you. Then you'll feel success. "If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan O Brien

Art by Borbay