Cinemagram Will Make You Wonder Why a Company With all the Design and Developmental Resources of Facebook Bought Instagram for $ 1 Billion

Cinemagram is a new app for the iPhone that allows you to make cool gifs in less than a minute.

It's like Instagram meets Harry Potter. That reference was for my childhood, but the app really is magical. Record a video, paint over the area you want to move, stylize, and boom you just gif-ed something awesome.

When designers like Factyle Inc. are making great apps like this all the time it makes you wonder why Facebook would pay $ 1 billion dollars for such a simple idea like Instagram.

American big business has quite simply become too fat, happy, lazy and stupid. The biggest business are led without respect for the value of money, innovation, or the human beings that support it all. Innovation is almost an archaic concept in most big companies. Apple being the last of those companies to appear to be able stave off a geriatric lack of progress.

Somehow it's become all about the benjamins. The typical business model goes like this. There's usually one good idea that becomes worth millions to billions of dollars. After that companies attempts to use their bigness to create a monopoly in their niche of their industry. That means buy, buy, buy, and exploit the new generation of workers and suck them dry of their good ideas.

Facebook paying 1 billion dollars for Instagram's fast growing social pic app, highlights an error in the equation. Wouldn't it have been easier for them to simply develop their own Facebook branded pic app. Call it InstaLens, add a few cool editing features, let other social apps in and in a month they could have swept Instagram under the rug for good. But they're dumb, and they'll keep shelling out $1 billion dollar paychecks to every app designer with a brain.

Cinemagram is available for free in the App market. If you haven't already you'll soon see your friends Tweeting, Tumbling and Facebooking their Cinemagram gifs with a reckless abandon that's bound to make it a hit.