5 Great Ways To Share Your Photography (That Won't Make You Any Money)

So you want to be a photographer. I don't think I need to tell you that that's kind of cliche.

If you really want to go ahead with it though I'm sure you've already confronted that dilemma. The first thing you should do is go take some photography classes. Or, maybe you just want it as a hobby. Still go take class.

School is NOT necessary, but it's a sure fire way to overcome insecurities and develop an artistic voice that doesn't suck. Unless you've got that spitfire artistic angst already built up in you and you do things like capture an intriguing album of artsy photos with a kodak disposable camera modified with pieces of colored translucent plastic or something similarly minimalisticly or otherwise brilliant.

Anyway one way or another  if you've got photos worth sharing, here's where to go with them.

1. Tumblr: Despite the wide range of content on tumblr, it is still best equipped for sharing simple photography. Start a blog. Follow people. Talk to people who take pictures like your pictures. Soon people will be following you. Reblogging your pictures and telling you how much they like your pictures. The feedback isn't helpful constructive criticisms, but a virtual pats on the back that'll make you work harder on your craft, and validate your work immediately.

Example: www.ChildrenoftheGoldenState.com

2. Flickr: This is a great site for setting up your virtual portfolio. If you use this site, don't use it like Facebook. Nobody cares about pictures of you, because you obviously didn't take them. And they don't want to see you and your boyfriend, you and your friends partying or at the beach. Focus on structuring a well organized portfolio. Put your work into sets, create galleries. Your contacts should be photographers you want to network in. Join small to medium sized groups, and get in discussions about photography.

3. Blog: I know I said you wouldn't make any money from these sites, and you won't, but with blogger you might. Creating a blog to share your work on is no easy task, but if you do it right it can be your first baby step into the world of publishing. I can't give you a tutorial on how to be a blogger here, but if you have the time, it can be a rewarding endeavor.

4. Instagram: More and more Instagram users are using the site to share their professional photography, and its a good bloody idea. I follow a few photographers and I really enjoy seeing their well manicured work popping up between pictures of my friends dog watching tv or whatever. 

5. Deviant Art: Deviant Art is the best community for upcoming artists and photographers looking to get constructive feedback from people in the same position they're in. DeviantArt.com also makes it possible for you to sell your work, but don't focus on that. GET FEEDBACK & GIVE FEEDBACK

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