5 Essential Sites for Sharing Your Music. By Busola Laditan

These are 5 of the most basic sites for social band/artist promotion. Being an independent musician isn't too hard if you have the time and the know how. Be creative with the way you get your music out there. This list should make that a little easier. We're showing you how indie rapper Ghost Poet (Obara Ejimiwe) has mastered all of these mediums.

5 Soundcloud: The most basic of music promoting sites. A lot of sites have communities where independent musicians can share tracks with each other. This is where that stuff goes to die. There is still a good bit of artist to artist interaction but that's not the point. Soundcloud is your first step away from building a sound and experimenting to promoting. What's really good about sound cloud is the freedom to embed in almost every form of social media; blogs, Facebook, tumblr, Google+, etc. Example: http://soundcloud.com/ghostpoet

4 Facebook: Once it's on Facebook your closest fans will make up your first social fan base, and they will be able to listen to your music and easily share it with their friends. Example: http://www.facebook.com/ghostpoetfb

3 Bandcamp: More umph than Souncloud.com, a beautiful tool for releasing a debut ep or two. Bandcamp allows you to embed albums on different sites. Bandcamp users decided wether or not to charge for their music to be sold through Bandcamp. Bandcamp isn't as sophisticated as iTunes, but it'll help you get ready. (P.S. They have this weird thing about only accepting .aif, .flac, and .wav files) Exampe: http://ghostpoet.bandcamp.com/

2 Youtube/Last.fm: These last two are a little more difficult. Remember that on YouTube slideshows do not count, live and music videos are great. If you can get a successful YouTube and Last.fm page you'll show your fans you are serious. Example: http://www.youtube.com/user/ghostpoettv / http://www.last.fm/music/GhostPoet

1 iTunes: If you want to become an internet independent music success, with a heap of downloads under your belt, you have to be on iTunes. It makes it so easy for your devoted fans to buy your music. Example:   http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ghost poet